Oxford iSpeaker

The iSpeaker helps you improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

What can the iSpeaker help you with?

I want to improve the way I say the sounds that are particularly difficult for me.

The iSpeaker includes model videos for every English sound, in both British and American English.

You can watch and listen to the sound at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of a word.

Choose a sound that you find difficult to pronounce, listen carefully and study the model's mouth position. Then you can record yourself practising the sound and assess yourself.

I want to test how good I am at listening and distinguishing between different sounds.

The iSpeaker includes an exercises module that tests various aspects of pronunciation.

For example, can you hear the difference between similar-sounding words?

What about minimal pairs?

Or choose to focus on word stress.

I want to practise everyday conversations.

The iSpeaker covers thirty-nine everyday situations.

For each one there is a video of a conversation, in both British and American English. While you watch the video you can read the script and highlight the key language.

Build a bigger bank of phrases by studying the Useful Language boxes on the left. You can hear all these sentences pronounced too.

Put the language into action by recording yourself taking one part of the conversation. Then you can play back the whole conversation with your voice included.

I need help preparing for my speaking exam.

The iSpeaker gives help with tasks that are often covered in speaking exams.

You can watch a video of students doing the speaking task.

Study the script and focus on useful phrases for this type of task.

Get tips for exam success.

Practise the useful language and exam strategies by recording yourself doing a similar task.

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