Practical English Usage

What people say about Practical English Usage

What is it about Practical English Usage that has made it so popular with learners, teachers, and other English Language Teaching specialists for over 30 years?

The entries in Practical English Usage are not only informed by Swan’s authoritative knowledge of English grammar, but by a sure sense of which aspects of the grammar are likely to be problematic, and how these can be most effectively explained.

Henry Widdowson, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of London

Practical English Usage goes into areas ignored by many other grammars. Its example sentences, so important to the student and so useful to us as teachers and as writers, are illustrative and pithy.

John and Liz Soars, authors of Headway

One of the most striking features in PEU compared with many traditional grammar books is the ‘bad rules’ entries. These are a welcome addition to the grammar explanations as most of our students’ English has been ‘contaminated’ by bad grammar rules which were instilled in them at school.

University lecturer, Germany

The entries are concise yet detailed enough to adequately instruct the reader in relation to the issue at hand. Michael Swan has done a great job in guiding the reader through the labyrinth of complex points of English grammar. He succeeds in providing clear, to-the-point explanations that are easy to understand and not cluttered with irrelevant details.

Teacher of English, UK

I’ve used Practical English Usage as a reference for myself, my students and my teachers for many years now. It is always the go-to book for us when we have a doubt about a grammar rule or about the usage of a particular structure.

Academic director, language school, USA