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  1. 1a little more or less than; a little before or after synonym approximately It costs about $10. They waited (for) about an hour. He arrived (at) about ten.
  2. 2nearly; very close to I'm just about ready. This is about the best we can hope for.
  3. 3(technology or formal) facing the opposite direction He brought the ship about.
  4. Idioms
      just about (informal)
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    1. 1almost; very nearly I've met just about everyone. “Did you reach your sales target?” “Just about.”
    2. 2approximately She should be arriving just about now.
      out and about
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    1. 1able to go outside again after an illness
    2. 2traveling around a place We've been out and about talking to people all over the country.
    that's about all, that's about it
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    used to say that you have finished telling someone about something and there is nothing to add “Anything else?” “No, that's about it for now.”
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