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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they administer
    he / she / it administers
    past simple administered
    -ing form administering
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  1. 1[often passive] administer something to manage and organize the affairs of a company, an organization, a country, etc. synonym manage to administer a charity/fund/school the high cost of administering medical services The pension funds are administered by commercial banks.
  2. 2administer something to make sure that something is done fairly and in the correct way to administer justice/the law The questionnaire was administered by trained interviewers.
  3. 3administer something (to somebody) (formal) to give or to provide something, especially in a formal way The teacher has the authority to administer punishment. A taxi driver administered first aid to the victims. The priest was called to administer the last rites.
  4. 4[often passive] (formal) to give drugs, medicine, etc. to someone administer something Police believe his wife could not have administered the poison. administer something to somebody The dose was administered to the child intravenously.
  5. 5administer a kick, a punch, etc. (to somebody/something) (formal) to kick or to hit someone or something He administered a severe blow to his opponent's head.
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