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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they advance
    he / she / it advances
    past simple advanced
    -ing form advancing
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    move forward
  1. 1[intransitive] to move forward toward someone or something, often in order to attack or threaten them or it The troops were finally given the order to advance. They had advanced 20 miles by nightfall. the advancing Allied troops advance on/toward somebody/something The mob advanced on us, shouting angrily. She closed the door firmly and advanced toward the desk. compare retreat
  2. develop
  3. 2[intransitive, transitive] if knowledge, technology, etc. advances, it develops and improves Our knowledge of the disease has advanced considerably over recent years. advance something This research has done much to advance our understanding of language learning.
  4. help to succeed
  5. 3[transitive] to help something to succeed synonym further Studying for another degree is one way of advancing your career. They worked together to advance the cause of democracy.
  6. money
  7. 4[transitive] to give someone money before the time it would usually be paid advance something to somebody We are willing to advance the money to you. advance somebody something We will advance you the money.
  8. suggest
  9. 5[transitive] advance something (formal) to suggest an idea, a theory, or a plan for other people to discuss synonym put forward The article advances a new theory to explain changes in the climate.
  10. make earlier
  11. 6[transitive] advance something (formal) to change the time or date of an event so that it takes place earlier synonym bring somethingforward The date of the trial has been advanced by one week. opposite postpone
  12. move forward
  13. 7[intransitive, transitive] (formal) to move forward to a later part of something; to move something forward to a later part Users advance through the program by answering a series of questions. advance something This button advances the CD to the beginning of the next track.
  14. increase
  15. 8[intransitive] (business) (of prices, costs, etc.) to increase in price or amount Oil shares advanced amid economic recovery hopes.
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