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  1. 1having a lot of money and a good standard of living synonym prosperous, wealthy
  2. 2 affluent Western countries a very affluent neighborhood Thesaurusrichwealthy prosperous affluent well-off comfortableThese words all describe someone who has a lot of money, property, or valuable (of a person) having a lot of money, property, or valuable possessions; (of a country or city) producing a lot of wealth so that many of its people can live at a high standardwealthy richrich or wealthy?There is no real difference in meaning between these two words. Both are very frequent, but rich is more frequent and can be used in some fixed phrases where wealthy cannot:He's stinking/filthy wealthy. It's a favorite resort for the wealthy and famous.prosperous (somewhat formal) rich and successfulaffluent (somewhat formal) rich and with a good standard of living:affluent Western countriesprosperous or affluent?Both prosperous and affluent are used to talk about people and places. Prosperous is used much more than affluent to talk about times and periods. Affluent is often used to contrast rich people or societies with poor ones. Being prosperous is nearly always seen as a good thing:It's good to see you looking so prosperous. It's good to see you looking so affluent.well-off (often used in negative sentences) rich:His family is not very well off.comfortable having enough money to buy what you want without worrying about the cost:They're not millionaires, but they're certainly very comfortable.Patterns a(n) rich/wealthy/prosperous/affluent/well-off family a rich/wealthy/prosperous/well-off man/woman a(n) rich/wealthy/prosperous/affluent country/city
noun [uncountable] The 1950s were an age of affluence in the U.S. synonym prosperity
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