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  1. 1a public statement that is made without giving proof, accusing someone of doing something that is wrong or illegal synonym accusation
  2. 2 to investigate/deny/withdraw an allegation allegation of something Several newspapers made allegations of corruption in the city's police department. allegation (of something) against somebody allegations of dishonesty against him allegation about somebody/something The committee has made serious allegations about interference in its work. allegation that… an allegation that he had been dishonest Thesaurusclaimallegation assertionThese are all words for a statement that something is true, although it has not been proven.claim a statement that something is true, although it has not been provenallegation (somewhat formal) a public statement that has not been proven, that accuses someone of doing something that is wrong or illegalassertion (somewhat formal) a statement of something that you strongly believe to be true, although it has not been provenclaim or assertion?When the point in doubt is a matter of opinion, not fact, use assertion:She made sweeping claims about the role of women in society.When you are talking about a matter of fact, you can use either word; an assertion may be slightly stronger than a claim and it is a more formal word.Patterns a(n) claim/allegation/assertion that… a(n) claim/allegation/assertion about/of something false/unfounded/conflicting claims/allegations/assertions to make/deny a(n) claim/allegation/assertion to withdraw a(n) claim/allegation
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