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a land mass consisting of the continents of North and South America
More AboutAmerica The continent of America is divided into North America and South America. The narrow region joining North and South America is Central America. North America, which is a geographical term, consists of the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Latin America, a cultural term, refers to the non-English-speaking countries of Central and South America, where mainly Portuguese and Spanish are spoken. Mexico is part of Latin America. The United States of America is usually shortened to the U.S.A., the U.S., the States, or simply America:the U.S. President Have you ever been to the States? She emigrated to America in 1995.Many people from other parts of the continent dislike this use of America to mean just the U.S., but it is very common. American is usually used to talk about someone or something from the United States of America:Do you have an American passport? classic American food I’m not American; I’m Canadian.Latin American and South American are used to refer to other parts of the continent:Latin American dance music Quite a lot of South Americans study here.
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