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    (angrier, angriest)
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  1. 1You can also use more angry and most angry. having strong feelings about something that you dislike very much or about an unfair situation Her behavior really made me angry. Thousands of angry demonstrators filled the square. The comments provoked an angry response from union leaders. angry with/at somebody Please don't be angry with me. It wasn't my fault. angry with/at somebody about/for something I was very angry with myself for making such a stupid mistake. angry at/about/over something He felt angry at the injustice of the situation. The passengers grew angry about the delay.
  2. 2(of a wound) red and infected
  3. 3(literary) (of the sea or the sky) dark and stormy the angry sea with its terrible waves
adverb Some senators reacted angrily to the president's remarks. He swore angrily.
Thesaurusangrymad furious upset indignant irateThese words all describe people feeling and/or showing anger.angry feeling or showing anger:Please don't be angry with me. Thousands of angry demonstrators filled the square.mad [not before noun] (informal) very angry:He got mad and walked out. She's mad at me for being late.furious extremely angry:He was furious at having been taken out of the game. He was furious with her for ruining the party.upset somewhat angry or annoyed:I was quite upset with him for being late.indignant feeling or showing anger and surprise because you think that you or someone else has been treated unfairly:She was very indignant at the way she had been treated.irate very angry:irate customers an irate letterPatterns angry/mad/furious/upset/indignant about/at something angry/furious/upset with somebody (for doing something) angry/mad/furious/upset/indignant that to get angry/mad/furious/upset to make somebody angry/mad/furious
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