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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they answer
    he / she / it answers
    past simple answered
    -ing form answering
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  1. 1[intransitive, transitive] to say, write, or do something as a reaction to a question or situation synonym reply I repeated the question, but she didn't answer. He answered as truthfully as he could. answer something You haven't answered my question. to answer a letter/an advertisement to answer the phone (= to pick up the phone when it rings) to answer the door (= to open the door when someone knocks/rings) My prayers have been answered (= I have got what I wanted). He refused to answer the charges against him. We are grateful to all those people who answered our call for help with fund-raising. answer (somebody) Come on, answer me! Where were you? He answered me with a smile. + speech “I'd prefer to walk,” she answered. answer somebody + speech “I'd prefer to walk,” she answered him. answer (somebody) that… She answered that she would prefer to walk. answer somebody something Answer me this: How did they know we were here?
  2. 2[transitive] answer something (formal) to be suitable for something; to match something Does this answer your requirements?
  3. Which Word?answer / replyAnswer and reply are the most common verbs used for speaking or writing as a reaction to a question, letter, etc.Note that you answer a person, question, or letter, not “answer to” them, but you reply to someone or something:I’m writing to answer your questions I’m writing to reply to your questions. I’m writing to answer to your questions.Answer can be used with or without an object:I haven't answered her e-mail yet. I knocked on the door but no one answered.Reply is often used with the actual words spoken:“I won’t let you down,” he replied.Respond is less common and more formal:The directors refused to respond to questions.You can only answer a door or a phone.Idioms
    answer (to)/fit a description (of somebody/something)
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    to be like a particular person or thing A child answering the description of the missing boy was found safe and well in Chicago yesterday.
    answer to the name of something
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    (especially of a pet animal) to be called something The dog was an ugly brute, answering to the name of Spike.
    Phrasal Verbsanswer backanswer backanswer for somethinganswer for somebodyanswer to somebody (for something)
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