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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they assert
    he / she / it asserts
    past simple asserted
    -ing form asserting
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  1. 1to state clearly and firmly that something is true assert that… She continued to assert that she was innocent. assert something She continued to assert her innocence. The president was anxious to assert his government's commitment to end the war. + speech “That is wrong,” he asserted. it is asserted that… It is commonly asserted that older people prefer to receive care from family members.
  2. 2assert yourself to behave in a confident and determined way so that other people pay attention to your opinions You're too timid—you should try to assert yourself more.
  3. 3assert something to make other people recognize your right or authority to do something, by behaving firmly and confidently to assert your independence/rights I was determined to assert my authority from the beginning.
  4. 4assert itself to start to have an effect Good sense asserted itself.
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