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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they attach
    he / she / it attaches
    past simple attached
    -ing form attaching
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  1. 1to fasten or join one thing to another attach something I attach a copy of my notes for your information. I attach a copy of the spreadsheet (= send it with an e-mail). attach something to something Attach the coupon to the front of your letter. (figurative) They have attached a number of conditions to the agreement (= said that the conditions must be part of the agreement). compare detach
  2. 2attach importance, significance, value, weight, etc. (to something) to believe that something is important or worth thinking about I attach great importance to this research. I wouldn't attach too much weight to these findings.
  3. 3attach yourself to somebody to join someone for a time, sometimes when you are not welcome or have not been invited He attached himself to me at the party and I couldn't get rid of him.
  4. 4(formal) to be connected with someone or something; to connect something to something attach something to somebody/something This does not attach any blame to you. No blame is attached to you. No one is suggesting that any health risks are attached to this product.
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