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  1. 1making you feel embarrassed There was an awkward silence. I felt awkward because they obviously wanted to be alone.
  2. 2difficult to deal with synonym difficult Don't ask awkward questions. You've put me in an awkward position. an awkward pause in our conversation Please don't be awkward about letting him come. It makes things awkward for everyone when you behave like that.
  3. 3not convenient synonym inconvenient Have I come at an awkward time?
  4. 4difficult or dangerous because of its shape or design This box is very awkward for one person to carry. This tool will reach into awkward corners, such as under kitchen cabinets.
  5. 5not moving in an easy way; not comfortable He tried to dance, but he was too clumsy and awkward. I must have slept in an awkward position—I'm aching all over.
awkwardly adverb
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“I'm sorry,” he said awkwardly. She fell awkwardly and broke her ankle. an awkwardly shaped room
awkwardness noun [uncountable]
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She laughed to cover up her feelings of awkwardness. There was no awkwardness between them.
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