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    (also axe)
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  1. 1a tool with a wooden handle and a heavy metal blade, used for chopping wood, cutting down trees, etc. see also battleax, ice ax, pickax
  2. 2the ax [singular] (informal) if someone gets the ax, they lose their job; if an institution or a project gets the ax, it is closed or stopped, usually because of a lack of money Up to 300 workers are facing the ax at a struggling finance company. Patients are delighted their local hospital has been saved from the ax. Protesters, anxious over the spending cuts, urged Congress to think again before wielding the ax.
  3. Idioms
    have an ax to grind
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    to have private reasons for being involved in something or for arguing for a particular cause She had no ax to grind and was only acting out of concern for their safety. These criticisms are commonly voiced by those who have some political ax to grind.

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