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    (pl. babies)
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  1. 1a very young child or animal The baby's crying! a newborn baby My sister's expecting a baby. She had a baby last year. a baby boy/girl baby food/clothes a baby monkey/blackbird Topic CollocationsChildrenhaving a baby/child want (to have) a baby/a child/children/kids start a family conceive/be expecting/be going to have a baby/child miss your period become/get/ be/find out that you are pregnant have a baby/a child/kids/a son/a daughter/twins/a family have a normal/a difficult/an unwanted pregnancy; an easy/a difficult birth/labor be in/go into/induce labor have/suffer/cause a miscarriage give birth to a child/a baby/a daughter/a son/twinsparenting bring up/raise a child/a family care for/watch a baby/child/kid change a diaper/a baby nurse/feed/breastfeed/bottle-feed a baby be entitled to/go on maternity/paternity leave go back/return to work after maternity leave need/find/get a babysitter/high-quality, affordable childcare/a nanny balance/combine work and childcare/child-rearing/family (life) educate/teach/home-school a child/a kid/children punish/discipline/spoil a child/a kid/children adopt/foster a baby/a child/a kid/children offer a baby for/put a baby up for adoption be placed with/be raised by foster parents
  2. 2(informal) the youngest member of a family or group He's the baby of the family.
  3. 3(disapproving) a person who behaves like a young child and is easily upset Stop crying! Don't be such a baby.
  4. 4(slang) a word used to address someone, especially your wife, husband, or lover, in a way that expresses affection but that can be offensive if used by a man to a woman he does not know
  5. Idioms
    be your/somebody's baby (informal)
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    to be a plan or project that someone is responsible for and cares about because they have created it
    be like taking candy from a baby (informal)
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    used to emphasize how easy it is to do something I thought it was going to be difficult to get funding for the project, but in the end it was like taking candy from a baby.
    sleep like a log/baby (informal)
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    to sleep very well
    throw the baby out with the bathwater (informal)
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    to lose something that you want at the same time as you are trying to get rid of something that you do not want
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