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    [countable] (pl. baths
    , NAmE//bæθs//
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  1. 1an act of washing your whole body by sitting or lying in water I think I'll take a bath and go to bed. see also bubble bath
  2. 2the water in a bathtub, ready to use a long soak in a hot bath Please run a bath for me (= fill the bathtub with water). see also birdbath
  3. 3= bathroom a master suite with a private bath a house with four bedrooms and two full baths
  4. 4baths [usually plural] a public place where people went in the past to wash or have a bath Roman villas and baths see also Turkish bath
  5. 5(technology) a container with a liquid, such as water or a dye in it, in which something is washed or placed for a period of time. Baths are used in industrial, chemical, and medical processes. see also bloodbath
  6. Idioms
    take a bath
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    to lose money on a business agreement
Which Word?bath / bathe / swim / sunbathe When you wash yourself, you can say that you bathe, but it is much more common to say take a bath. You can also bathe another person, for example a baby:Have you bathed the baby yet? You can bathe a part of your body, especially to clean a wound:Bathe the wound and apply a clean dressing. When you go swimming, you say that you swim, go for a swim, or go swimming:Let’s go for a quick swim in the pool. She goes swimming every morning before breakfast.What you wear for this activity is usually called a swimsuit or a bathing suit. When you lie in the sun in order to turn brown, you sunbathe.