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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they beam
    he / she / it beams
    past simple beamed
    -ing form beaming
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  1. 1[intransitive, transitive, no passive] to have a big, happy smile on your face beam (at somebody) He beamed at the journalists. beam (with something) She was positively beaming with pleasure. beam something (at somebody) The teacher beamed her approval at her students. His broad face beamed a hearty welcome. “I'd love to come,” she beamed (= said with a large smile).
  2. 2[transitive] + adv./prep. to send radio or television signals over long distances using electronic equipment Live pictures of the ceremony were beamed around the world.
  3. 3[intransitive] + adv./prep. to produce a stream of light and/or heat The morning sun beamed down on us. Light beamed through a hole in the curtain.
  4. Idioms
    smile/grin/beam from ear to ear
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    to be smiling, etc. a lot because you are very pleased about something
    Phrasal Verbsbeam somebody up/down
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