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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they besiege
    he / she / it besieges
    past simple besieged
    -ing form besieging
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  1. 1besiege something to surround a building, city, etc. with soldiers until the people inside are forced to let you in synonym lay siege to something Paris was besieged for four months and forced to surrender. (figurative) Fans besieged the box office to get tickets for the concert.
  2. 2[usually passive] besiege somebody/something (especially of something unpleasant or annoying) to surround someone or something in large numbers The actress was besieged by reporters at the airport.
  3. 3besiege somebody (with something) to send so many letters, ask so many questions, etc. that it is difficult for someone to deal with them all The radio station was besieged with calls from angry listeners.
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