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    for payment
  1. 1a piece of paper that shows how much you owe someone for goods or services the telephone/electricity/gas bill We ran up a huge hotel bill. She always pays her bills on time. I'll be sending you the bill for the dry cleaning! The bills are piling up (= there are more and more that have still not been paid). The bill for the meal came to $35. Let's ask for the bill. Topic CollocationsRestaurantseating out eat (lunch/dinner)/dine/meet at/in a restaurant go (out)/take somebody (out) for lunch/dinner/a meal have a meal with somebody make/have a reservation (in/under the name of Baker) reserve a table for six ask for/request a table for two/a table by the windowin the restaurant wait to be seated show somebody to their table sit in the corner/by the window/at the bar/at the counter hand somebody/give somebody the menu/wine list open/read/study/peruse the menu the restaurant has a three-course set menu/a children's menu/an extensive wine list taste/sample/try the wine the waiter takes your order order/choose/have the soup of the day/one of the specials/the house specialty serve/finish the appetizers/the first course/the main course/dessert/coffee complain about the food/the service/your meal enjoy your mealpaying pay/ask for the check/the bill pay for/treat somebody to dinner/lunch/the meal a gratuity/a service charge is (not) included give somebody/leave (somebody) a tip compare check
  2. money
  3. 2a piece of paper money synonym banknote a ten-dollar bill synonyms at money
  4. in government
  5. 3a written suggestion for a new law that is presented to a country's government so that its members can discuss it to pass/approve/veto a bill a civil rights bill
  6. at theater, etc.
  7. 4a program of entertainment at a theater, etc. a horror double bill (= two horror movies shown one after the other) Topping the bill (= the most important performer) is Paul Simon.
  8. advertisement
  9. 5a notice in a public place to advertise an event synonym poster Post no bills (= a notice warning people not to stick bills in a particular place). see also handbill
  10. of birds
  11. 6the hard pointed or curved outer part of a bird's mouth synonym beak
  12. 7-billed (in adjectives) having the type of bill mentioned long-billed waders
  13. on hat
  14. 8(also visor) the stiff front part of a cap that sticks out above your eyes
  15. Thesaurusmoneycash change billsThese are all words for money in the form of coins or paper money in the form of coins or paper notes:I counted the money carefully. Where can I change my money into dollars? paper money (= money that is made of paper, not coins)cash money in the form of coins or paper notes:How much cash do you have on you? Payments can be made by credit card or in or cash?If it is important to contrast money in the form of coins and notes and money in other forms, use cash:How much money/cash do you have on you? Payments can be made by credit card or in money. Customers are offered a discount if they pay money.change the money that you get back when you have paid for something giving more money than the amount it costs; coins rather than paper money:The ticket machine doesn't give change. I don't have any small change (= coins of low value).bills paper money rather than coins:The machine only accepts small bills (= $20 or less).Patterns to get (out)/take out/withdraw money/cash ready money/cash (= money that you have available to spend immediately) small change/bills Thesaurusbillaccount invoice checkThese are all words for a record of how much you owe for goods or services you have bought or used.bill a list of goods that you have bought or services that you have used, showing how much you owe; the price or cost of something:the gas billaccount an arrangement with a store or business to pay bills for goods or services at a later time, for example in regular amounts every month:Put it on my account please.invoice a bill for goods that someone has bought or work that has been done for somone:The contractor sent an invoice for $750.bill or invoice?You would get a bill (or check) in a restaurant, bar, or hotel; a bill from a company that supplies you with gas, electricity, etc.; or a bill from somebody whose property you have damaged. An invoice is for goods supplied or work done as agreed between a customer and a supplier.check a piece of paper that shows how much you have to pay for the food and drinks that you have had in a restaurant:Can I have the check, please? Let's split the check (= let's each pay half).Patterns the bill/invoice/check for something to pay/settle a(n) bill/account/invoice/check to put something on the/somebody's bill/account/invoice/checkIdioms
    a clean bill of health
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    a report that says someone is healthy or that something is in good condition Doctors gave him a clean bill of health after a series of tests and examinations. The building was given a clean bill of health by the surveyor.
    fill/fit the bill
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    to be what is needed in a particular situation or for a particular purpose On paper, several of the applicants fit the bill.
    foot the bill (informal)
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    to be responsible for paying the cost of something Once again it will be the taxpayer who has to foot the bill. Who will be footing the bill for the party?
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