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    (blacker, blackest)
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  1. 1having the very darkest color, like night or coal a shiny black car black storm clouds
  2. with no light
  3. 2without light; completely dark a black night
  4. people
  5. 3belonging to a race of people who have dark skin; connected with black people a black writer black culture The term African American is generally preferred to black for Americans whose families originally came from Africa.
  6. tea/coffee
  7. 4without milk Two black coffees, please. compare white
  8. dirty
  9. 5very dirty; covered with dirt chimneys black with smoke Go and wash your hands; they're completely black!
  10. angry
  11. 6full of anger or hatred She's been in a really black mood all day. Rory shot her a black look.
  12. depressing
  13. 7without hope; very depressing The future looks pretty black. It's been another black day with the announcement of further job losses.
  14. evil
  15. 8(literary) evil or immoral black deeds/lies
  16. humor
  17. 9dealing with unpleasant or terrible things, such as murder, in a humorous way “Good place to bury the bodies,” she joked with black humor. The play is a black comedy. see also blackly
    noun [uncountable, singular] She peered out into the blackness of the night.
  19. Idioms
    (beat somebody) black and blue
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    (to hit someone until they are) covered with bruises (= blue, brown, or purple marks on the body)
    not as black as he/she/it is painted
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    not as bad as people say he/she/it is Is he really as black as he's painted?
    the pot calling the kettle black (saying) (informal)
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    used to say that you should not criticize someone for a fault that you have yourself
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