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    (bolder, boldest)
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  1. 1(of people or behavior) brave and confident; not afraid to say what you feel or to take risks It was a bold move on their part to open a business in France. The wine made him bold enough to approach her. a bold and fearless warrior
  2. 2(of shape, color, lines, etc.) that can be easily seen; having a strong clear appearance the bold outline of a mountain against the sky She paints with bold strokes of the brush.
  3. 3(technology) (of printed words or letters) in a thick, dark type Highlight the important words in bold type. bold lettering
    adverb boldly patterned/colored He stepped boldly forward to speak.
  5. boldness noun [uncountable]
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    be/make so bold (as to do something) (formal)
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    used especially when politely asking a question or making a suggestion which you hope will not offend anyone (although it may criticize them slightly) If I may be so bold as to suggest that he made a mistake in his calculations…
    (as) bold as brass (informal)
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    without showing any respect, shame, or fear She marched in here, bold as brass, and demanded a raise.
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