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  1. 1a strong shoe that covers the foot and ankle, and often the lower part of the leg hiking boots a pair of black leather boots see also cowboy boot, desert boot, rubber boot
  2. 2[usually singular] (informal) a quick, hard kick He gave the ball a tremendous boot.
  3. 3= Denver boot
  4. Idioms
    be given the boot, get the boot (informal)
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    to be told that you must leave your job or that a relationship you are having with someone is over He should have gotten the boot years ago.
    be/get too big for your boots/britches
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    to be/become too proud of yourself; to behave as if you are more important than you really are
    lick somebody's boots (disapproving)
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    to show too much respect for someone in authority because you want to please them
    to boot (old-fashioned or humorous)
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    used to add a comment to something that you have said He was a vegetarian, and a fussy one to boot.
synonym throw somebodyout (of…)
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