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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they brace
    he / she / it braces
    past simple braced
    -ing form bracing
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  1. 1brace somebody/yourself (for something) brace somebody/yourself (to do something) to prepare someone/yourself for something difficult or unpleasant that is going to happen UN troops are braced for more violence. They are bracing themselves for a long legal battle.
  2. 2brace something/yourself (against something) to press your body or part of your body firmly against something in order to stop yourself from falling They braced themselves against the wind.
  3. 3brace something to contract the muscles in your body or part of your body before doing something that is physically difficult He stood with his legs and shoulders braced, ready to lift the weights.
  4. 4brace something (technology) to make something stronger or more solid by supporting it with something The roof was braced by lengths of timber.
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