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    part of body
  1. 1[countable] either of the two round, soft parts at the front of a woman's body that produce milk when she has had a baby She put the baby to her breast. breast cancer breast milk
  2. 2[countable] the similar, smaller part on a man's body, which does not produce milk
  3. 3[countable] (literary) the top part of the front of your body, below your neck synonym chest She cradled the child against her breast.
  4. meat
  5. 4[countable, uncountable] meat from the front part of the body of a bird or an animal chicken/turkey breasts breast of lamb
  6. of bird
  7. 5[countable] the front part of a bird's body breast feathers The robin has a red breast.
  8. clothing
  9. 6[countable] the part of a piece of clothing that covers your chest A row of medals was pinned to the breast of his coat.
  10. -breasted
  11. 7(in adjectives) having the type of chest or breasts mentioned a small-breasted/full-breasted woman bare-breasted the yellow-breasted male of the species see also double-breasted, single-breasted
  12. heart
  13. 8[countable] (literary) the part of the body where the feelings and emotions are thought to be a troubled breast
  14. Idioms
    beat your breast
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    to show that you feel sorry about something that you have done, especially in public and in an exaggerated way
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