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    (brighter, brightest)
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  1. 1full of light; shining strongly bright light/sunshine a bright room Her eyes were bright with tears. a bright morning (= with the sun shining)
  2. 2(of a color) strong and easy to see I like bright colors. a bright yellow dress Jack's face turned bright red.
  3. 3cheerful and lively His eyes were bright and excited. She gave me a bright smile. Why are you so bright and cheerful today? His face was bright with excitement.
  4. 4intelligent; quick to learn the brightest student in the class Do you have any bright ideas (= intelligent ideas)? Thesaurusintelligentsmart brilliant bright sharpThese words all describe people who are good at learning, understanding, and thinking about things, and the actions that show this ability.intelligent good at learning, understanding, and thinking in a logical way about things; showing this ability:He's a highly intelligent man. She asked a lot of intelligent quick at learning and understanding things; showing the ability to make good business or personal decisions:She's smarter than her brother. That was a smart career move.brilliant extremely intelligent or skillful:She's a brilliant young scientist.bright intelligent; quick to learn:He's probably the brightest student in the class. Bright is used especially to talk about young people. Common collocations of bright include girl, boy, kid, and bright:You're a pretty sharp kid.Patterns a(n) intelligent/smart/brilliant/bright/sharp child/kid/boy/girl a(n) intelligent/smart/brilliant man/woman a(n) intelligent/smart/brilliant thing to do
  5. 5giving reason to believe that good things will happen; likely to be successful This young musician has a bright future. Prospects for the coming year look bright. a bright start to the week
    adverb a brightly lit room “Hi!” she called brightly.
  7. Thesaurusbrightbrilliant vivid vibrantThese words all describe things that are shining or full of light or colors that are strong and easy to see.bright full of light; shining strongly; (of colors) strong and easy to see:a bright yellow dressbrilliant very bright:The sky was a brilliant blue.vivid (approving) (of colors) bright and strong:His eyes were a vivid green.vibrant (approving) (of colors) bright and strong:The room was decorated in vibrant blues and greens.vivid or vibrant?These two words are very similar, but vivid emphasizes how bright a color is, while vibrant suggests a more lively and exciting color or combination of colors.Patterns bright/brilliant/vivid/vibrant colors bright/brilliant light/sunlight/sunshine/eyes
    noun [uncountable]
  9. Idioms
    bright and early
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    very early in the morning You're up bright and early today!
    the bright lights
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    the excitement of city life Although he grew up in the country, he's always had a taste for the bright lights.
    a/the bright spot
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    a good or pleasant part of something that is unpleasant or bad in all other ways The win last week was the only bright spot in their last ten games.
    look on the bright side
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    to be cheerful or positive about a bad situation, for example by thinking only of the advantages and not the disadvantages
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