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bring in

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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    bring somebodyin

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  1. 1to ask someone to do a particular job or to be involved in something Local residents were angry at not being brought in on (= asked for their opinion about) the new housing proposal. Experts were brought in to advise the government.
  2. 2(of the police) to bring someone to a police station in order to ask them questions or arrest them Two men were brought in for questioning.

    bring somebody/somethingin

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  1. 1to introduce a new law They want to bring in a bill to limit arms exports.
  2. 2to attract someone or something to a place or business We need to bring in a lot more new business.
  3. 3to give a decision in court The jury brought in a verdict of guilty.

bring in something

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to make or earn a particular amount of money His freelance work brings in about $20,000 a year. The garage sale brought in about $200. How much does she bring in now?
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