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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they bury
    he / she / it buries
    past simple buried
    -ing form burying
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    dead person
  1. 1bury somebody/something to place a dead body in a grave He was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. (figurative) Their ambitions were finally dead and buried.
  2. 2bury somebody (old-fashioned) to lose someone by death She's 85 and has buried three husbands.
  3. hide in ground
  4. 3bury something to hide something in the ground buried treasure The dog had buried its bone in the garden.
  5. cover
  6. 4[often passive] to cover someone or something with soil, rocks, leaves, etc. bury somebody/something The house was buried under ten feet of snow. bury somebody/something + adj. The miners were buried alive when the tunnel collapsed.
  7. 5bury something to cover something so that it cannot be seen Your letter got buried under a pile of papers. He buried his face in his hands and wept.
  8. hide feeling
  9. 6bury something to ignore or hide a feeling, a mistake, etc. She had learned to bury her feelings.
  10. put deeply into something
  11. 7bury something (in something) to put something deeply into something else He walked slowly, his hands buried in his pockets. She always has her head buried in a book.
  12. Idioms
    bury the hatchet/your differences
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    to stop being unfriendly and become friends again After not speaking to each other for years, the two brothers decided to bury the hatchet.
    bury/stick your head in the sand
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    to refuse to admit that a problem exists or refuse to deal with it
    Phrasal Verbsbury yourself in something
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