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Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they cause
he / she / it causes
past simple caused
-ing form causing
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 to make something happen, especially something bad or unpleasant cause something Do they know what caused the fire? Are you causing trouble again? Doctors say her condition is causing some concern. deaths caused by dangerous driving cause something for somebody The bad weather is causing problems for many farmers. cause somebody something The project is still causing him a lot of problems. cause something to do something The poor harvest caused prices to rise sharply. Language BankcauseX causes Y Childhood obesity can cause/lead to long-term health problems. Changes in lifestyle and diet over the last twenty years have caused/led to/resulted in a sharp increase in childhood obesity. Several factors, including changes in diet and lifestyle, have contributed to the increase in childhood obesity. Research suggests that fast food and soft drinks directly contribute to childhood obesity. Genetics, lifestyle, and diet are all important factors in cases of childhood obesity. Even small changes in lifestyle and diet can bring about significant weight loss.
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