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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they change
    he / she / it changes
    past simple changed
    -ing form changing
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    become/make different
  1. 1[intransitive] to become different Rick hasn't changed. He looks exactly the same as he did at school. changing attitudes toward education Her life changed completely when she won the lottery.
  2. 2[transitive] change somebody/something to make someone or something different Fame hasn't really changed him. Computers have changed the way people work.
  3. 3[intransitive, transitive] to pass or make someone or something pass from one state or form into another Wait for the traffic lights to change. change (from A) to/into B The lights changed from red to green. Caterpillars change into butterflies. change somebody/something (from A) to/into B With a wave of her magic wand, she changed the frog into a handsome prince.
  4. 4[transitive] change something to stop having one state, position, or direction and start having another Leaves change color in the fall. The wind has changed direction. Our ship changed course.
  5. replace
  6. 5[transitive] to replace one thing, person, service, etc. with something new or different change somebody/something I want to change my doctor. That back tire needs to be changed. change somebody/something (for somebody/something) We change our car every two years. We changed the car for a bigger one. change something (to something) Marie changed her name when she got married. She changed her name to his.
  7. exchange
  8. 6[transitive] (used with a plural object) to exchange positions, places, etc. with someone else, so that you have what they have, and they have what you have change something At half-time the teams change sides. Can we change seats? change something with somebody Can I change seats with you?
  9. clothes
  10. 7[intransitive, transitive] to put on different or clean clothes I went into the bedroom to change. change into something She changed into her swimsuit. change out of something You need to change out of those wet things. change something I didn't have time to change clothes before the party. I didn't have time to get changed before the party (= to put different clothes on).
  11. baby
  12. 8[transitive] change somebody/something to put clean clothes or a clean diaper on a baby She can't even change a diaper. The baby needs to be changed. There are baby changing facilities in all our stores.
  13. bed
  14. 9[transitive] change something to put clean sheets, etc. on a bed to change the sheets
  15. money
  16. 10[transitive] to exchange money into the money of another country change something Where can I change my money? change something into something to change dollars into yen
  17. 11[transitive] to exchange money for the same amount in different coins or bills change something Can you change a $20 bill? change something for/into something to change a dollar bill for four quarters
  18. bus/train/plane
  19. 12[intransitive, transitive] to go from one bus, train, etc. to another in order to continue a journey Where do I have to change? Change at New Haven (for Hartford). change something I stopped in Moscow only to change planes. see also unchanging
  20. Idioms
      change/shift gears
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    1. 1to put a motor vehicle or a bicycle into a different gear
    2. 2to move from one activity or interest to another After giving an intense performance it was difficult for the actress to change gears and become herself again.
    change hands
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    to pass to a different owner The house has changed hands several times.
    change/switch horses in midstream
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    to change to a different or new activity while you are in the middle of something else; to change from supporting one person or thing to another
    change your/somebody's mind
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    to change a decision or an opinion Nothing will make me change my mind.
    change/swap places (with somebody)
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    (usually used in negative sentences) to be in someone else's situation I'm perfectly happy—I wouldn't change places with anyone.
    change your tune (informal)
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    to express a different opinion or behave in a different way when your situation changes Wait until it happens to him—then he'll change his tune.
    change your ways
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    to start to live or behave in a different way from before He was in trouble with the police as a teenager but now he's completely changed his ways.
    a leopard cannot change its spots (saying)
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    people cannot change their character, especially if they have a bad character You didn't really expect her to be on time, did you? A leopard can't change its spots.
    Phrasal Verbschange somethingaroundchange back (into somebody/something)change back (into something)change something back (into something)change over (from something) (to something)
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