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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they channel
    he / she / it channels
    past simple channeled ()channelled
    -ing form channeling ()channelling
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  1. 1channel something (into something) to direct money, feelings, ideas, etc. toward a particular thing or purpose He channels his aggression into sports.
  2. money/help
  3. 2channel something (through something) to send money, help, etc. using a particular route Money for the project will be channeled through the local government.
  4. water/light
  5. 3channel something to carry or send water, light, etc. through a passage A sensor channels the light signal along an optical fiber.
  6. spirit
  7. 4channel somebody to allow the spirit of a dead person to communicate through you The medium claimed to be able to channel the woman's dead husband.
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