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  1. 1a thin piece of potato or tortilla that is fried until hard then dried and eaten cold. Chips are sold in bags and have many different flavors. salt and vinegar flavor potato chips
  2. 2= microchip chip technology see also V-chip
  3. 3the place from which a small piece of wood, glass, etc. has broken from an object This mug has a chip in it.
  4. 4a small piece of wood, glass, etc. that has broken off an object chips of wood chocolate chip cookies (= cookies containing small pieces of chocolate)
  5. 5a small flat piece of plastic used to represent a particular amount of money in some types of gambling (figurative) The release of prisoners was used as a bargaining chip.
  6. 6(also chip shot) (especially in golf and soccer) an act of hitting or kicking a ball high in the air so that it lands within a short distance She left herself with a short chip to the green. see also blue-chip
  7. Idioms
      cash in your chips
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    1. 1to give someone your chips (= small flat pieces of plastic used in gambling) for money
    2. 2(informal) to die He cashed in his chips last summer at age 65.
    a chip off the old block (informal)
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    a person who is very similar to their mother or father in the way that they look or behave
    have a chip on your shoulder (about something) (informal)
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    to be sensitive about something that happened in the past and become easily offended if it is mentioned because you think that you were treated unfairly He has a real chip on his shoulder about being adopted.
    let the chips fall (where they may)
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    to accept the results of your plans or actions without worrying or complaining You may think I'm making a big mistake, but I'm going ahead with my plan, so let the chips fall where they may.
    when the chips are down (informal)
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    used to refer to a difficult situation in which you are forced to decide what is important to you I'm not sure what I'll do when the chips are down. When the chips are down he always finds the courage to carry on.
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