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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they clap
    he / she / it claps
    past simple clapped
    -ing form clapping
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  1. 1[intransitive] to hit your open hands together several times to show that you approve of or have enjoyed something The audience clapped and cheered. Everyone clapped for us when we went up to get our prize.
  2. 2[intransitive, transitive] to hit your open hands together Everyone clapped in time to the music. clap your hands She clapped her hands in delight. He clapped his hands for silence.
  3. 3[transitive] clap somebody on the back/shoulder to lightly hit someone with your open hand, usually in a friendly way
  4. 4[transitive] clap something + adv./prep. to put something or someone somewhere quickly and suddenly “Oh dear!” she cried,clapping a hand over her mouth. to clap someone in irons/jail/prison In the old days they would have clapped you in jail for that.
    noun [uncountable] I could hear the sound of clapping from the other room.
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