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    [intransitive, transitive]Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they claw
    he / she / it claws
    past simple clawed
    -ing form clawing
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  1. 1to scratch or tear someone or something with claws or with your nails claw at somebody/something The cat was clawing at the leg of the chair.
  2. 2(figurative) Branches clawed at her hair. claw somebody/something She had clawed Stephen across the face.
  3. 3(figurative) His hands clawed the air.
  4. Idioms
    claw your way back, into something, out of something, to something, etc.
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    to gradually achieve something or move somewhere by using a lot of determination and effort She clawed her way to the top of her profession. Slowly, he clawed his way out from under the collapsed building.
    Phrasal Verbsclaw somethingback
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