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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they collide
    he / she / it collides
    past simple collided
    -ing form colliding
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  1. 1[intransitive] if two people, vehicles, etc. collide, they crash into each other; if a person, vehicle, etc. collides with another, or with something that is not moving, they crash into it The car and the van collided head-on in thick fog. collide with something/somebody The car collided head-on with the van. As he fell, his head collided with the table. Thesauruscrashslam collide smash wreckThese are all words that can be used when something, especially a vehicle, hits something else very hard and is damaged or destroyed.crash (somewhat informal) to hit an object or another vehicle, causing damage; to make a vehicle do this:I was terrified that the plane would crash.slam (something) into/against somebody/something to crash into something with a lot of force; to make something do this:The car skidded and slammed into a tree.collide (somewhat formal) (of two vehicles or people) to crash into each other; (of a vehicle or person) to crash into someone or something else:The car and the van collided head-on in thick fog.smash (somewhat informal) to crash into something with a lot of force; to make something do this; to crash a car:The thieves smashed a stolen car through the store's display.crash, slam, or smash?Crash is used especially to talk about vehicles and can be used without a preposition:We're going to crash, aren't we?In this meaning slam and smash always take a preposition:We're going to slam/smash, aren't we?They are used for a much wider range of things than just vehicles. Crash can also be used for other things, if used with a preposition:She turned the corner in the hallway and crashed into the soda machine.wreck to crash a vehicle and damage it very badlyPatterns two vehicles crash/collide two vehicles/people/things crash/slam/smash >into each other> to crash/smash/wreck a car
  2. 2[intransitive] collide (with somebody) (over something) (formal) (of people, their opinions, etc.) to disagree strongly They regularly collide over policy decisions. see also collision
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