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    [countable, uncountable] collision (with somebody/something) collision (between/of A and B)
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  1. 1an accident in which two vehicles or people crash into each other a collision between two trains Stewart was injured in a collision with another player. a head-on collision (= between two vehicles that are moving toward each other) a mid-air collision (= between two aircraft while they are flying) Wind and ice were blamed for the collision involving up to 12 vehicles.
  2. 2(formal) a strong disagreement between two people or between opposing ideas, opinions, etc.; the meeting of two things that are very different a collision between two opposing points of view In his work, we see the collision of two different traditions.
  3. Idioms
      be on a collision course (with somebody/something)
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    1. 1to be in a situation that is almost certain to cause a disagreement or argument I was on a collision course with my boss over the sales figures.
    2. 2to be moving in a direction in which it is likely that you will crash into someone or something A giant iceberg was on a collision course with the ship.
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