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come down

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1to break and fall to the ground The ceiling came down with a loud crash.
  2. 2(of rain, snow, etc.) to fall The rain came down in torrents.
  3. 3(of an aircraft) to land or fall from the sky We were forced to come down in a field.
  4. 4if a price, a temperature, a rate, etc. comes down, it gets lower The price of gas is coming down. Gas is coming down (in price).
  5. 5to decide and say publicly that you support or oppose someone The committee came down in support of his application.
  6. 6to reach as far down as a particular point Her hair comes down to her waist.

come down (from…) (to…)

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to come from one place to another, usually from the north of a country to the south, or from a larger place to a smaller one

come down (to somebody)

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to have come from a long time in the past The name has come down from the last century.
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