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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they condition
    he / she / it conditions
    past simple conditioned
    -ing form conditioning
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  1. 1[usually passive] to train someone or something to behave in a particular way or to become used to a particular situation condition somebody/something (to something) the difference between inborn and conditioned reflexes (= reactions that are learned/not natural) Patients can become conditioned to particular forms of treatment. condition somebody/something to do something The rats had been conditioned to ring a bell when they wanted food.
  2. 2condition somebody/something to have an important effect on someone or something; to influence the way that something happens Gender roles are often conditioned by cultural factors.
  3. 3condition something to keep something such as your hair or skin healthy a shampoo that cleans and conditions hair a polish for conditioning leather
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