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  1. 1[countable] something that connects two facts, ideas, etc. synonym link connection (between A and B) Scientists have established a connection between cholesterol levels and heart disease. His resignation must have some connection with the recent scandal. connection (with something) a direct/close/strong connection with something How did you make the connection (= realize that there was a connection between two facts that did not seem to be related)?
  2. being connected
  3. 2[uncountable, countable] connection (to something) the act of connecting or the state of being connected Connection to the gas supply was delayed for three days. I'm having problems with my Internet connection.
  4. in electrical system
  5. 3[countable] a point, especially in an electrical system, where two parts connect A faulty connection caused the machine to stop.
  6. train/bus/plane
  7. 4[countable] a train, bus, or plane at a station or an airport that a passenger can take soon after getting off another in order to continue their trip We arrived in plenty of time for our connection to Denver. I missed the connection by five minutes.
  8. 5[countable, usually plural] a means of traveling to another place There are good bus and train connections between the resort and major cities.
  9. person/organization
  10. 6[countable, usually plural] a person or an organization that you know and that can help or advise you in your social or professional life synonym contact One of my business connections gave them my name.
  11. relationship
  12. 7connections [plural] people who are your relatives, but not members of your close family She is American but also has Cuban connections. a network of family connections in Italy
  13. 8[countable] a friendly relationship between two or more people They had all been classmates at school and maintained a close connection over the years.
  14. Idioms
    in connection with somebody/something
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    for reasons connected with someone or something A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of the teenager. I am writing to you in connection with your recent job application.
    in this/that connection (formal)
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    for reasons connected with something recently mentioned
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