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  1. 1[uncountable] a tall plant grown for its large yellow grains that are used for making flour, eaten as a vegetable, or fed to animals a field of corn ears of corn corn-fed chicken see also field corn Topic CollocationsFarminggrowing food and raising animals plant trees/seeds/crops/vines/barley grow/produce corn/wheat/rice/fruit plow land/a field sow/harvest seeds/crops/fields spread manure/fertilizer on something cultivate/irrigate/water/contaminate crops/plants/fields/land damage/destroy/lose your crop ripen/pick fruit/berries/grapes press/dry/ferment grapes grind/thresh grain/corn/wheat raise/rear/keep chickens/poultry/cattle/pigs raise/breed/feed/graze livestock/cattle/sheep butcher/kill/slaughter livestock preserve/smoke/cure/salt meatmodern farming run a fish farm/an organic dairy farm engage in/be involved in intensive (pig/fish) farming use/apply (chemical/organic) fertilizer/insecticides/pesticides begin/do/conduct field trials of GM (= genetically modified) crops grow/develop GM crops/seeds/plants/foods fund/invest in genetic engineering/research improve/increase crop yields face/suffer from/alleviate food shortages label food that contains GMOs (= genetically modified organisms) eliminate/reduce farm subsidies oppose/be against factory farming/GM food promote/encourage/support organic/sustainable farming
  2. 2[uncountable] the yellow seeds of a type of corn plant, which grow on thick stems and are cooked and eaten as a vegetable see also corncob, corn on the cob, corn on the cob, fruit
  3. 3[countable] a small area of hard skin on the foot, especially the toe, that is sometimes painful
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