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  1. 1accurate or true, without any mistakes synonym right Do you have the correct time? the correct answer Please check that this information is correct. “Are you in charge here?” “That's correct.” Am I correct in saying that you know a lot about wine? opposite incorrect Thesaurustrueright correctThese words all describe something that cannot be doubted as fact and includes no mistakes.true connected with facts rather than things that have been invented or guessed:Are the following statements true or false? Is it true that she's leaving?right that is true and cannot be doubted as a fact:I got about half the answers right.correct right according to the facts and without any mistakes:Only one of the answers is correct. Check that all the details are correct.right or correct?Correct is more formal than right and is more likely to be used in official or formal instructions or documents.Patterns right/correct about somebody/something the true/right/correct answer
  2. 2right and suitable, so that something is done as it should be done Do you know the correct way to shut the machine down? I think you've made the correct decision. ThesaurusrightcorrectBoth these words describe a belief, opinion, decision, or method that is suitable or the best one for a particular situation.right if someone is right to do or think something, that is a good thing to do or think in that situation:You're right to be cautious. You made the right decision. “It's not easy.” “Yes, you're right.”correct right, and suitable in a particular situation:What's the correct way to shut the machine down? I don't think she's correct to say that he's incompetent.right or correct?Correct is more formal than right. It is more often used for methods and right is more often used for beliefs, opinions, and decisions.Patterns right/correct about somebody/something right/correct to do something right/correct in thinking/believing/saying something the right/correct decision/judgment/conclusion the right/correct way/method/approach absolutely/quite right/correct
  3. 3taking care to speak or behave in a way that follows the accepted standards or rules a correct young lady He is always very correct in his speech. opposite incorrect see also politically correct
    adverb Have you spelled it correctly? They assumed, correctly, that she was away for the weekend. He was looking correctly grave.
  5. correctness
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    noun [uncountable] The correctness of this decision may be doubted. see also political correctness
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