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cut off

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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    cut somebodyoff

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  1. 1[often passive] to interrupt someone who is speaking on the telephone by breaking the connection We were cut off in the middle of our conversation.
  2. 2to refuse to let someone receive any of your property after you die synonym disinherit He cut his son off without a penny.

    cut somebody/somethingoff

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  1. 1to interrupt someone and stop them from speaking My explanation was cut off by loud protests.
  2. 2[often passive] to stop the supply of something to someone Our water supply has been cut off. They were cut off for not paying their phone bill.
  3. 3to suddenly drive in front of another vehicle in a dangerous way

    cut somethingoff

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  1. 1(also cut something off something) to remove something from something larger by cutting He had his finger cut off in an accident at work. (figurative) The winner cut ten seconds off (= ran the distance ten seconds faster than) the world record. see also cut-off
  2. 2to block or get in the way of something They cut off the enemy's retreat. The new factory cuts off our view of the hills.

cut somebody/something off (from somebody/something)

[often passive]
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to prevent someone or something from leaving or reaching a place or communicating with people outside a place The army was cut off from its base. She feels very cut off living in the country. He cut himself off from all human contact.
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