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  1. 1a wound caused by something sharp cuts and bruises on the face Blood poured from the deep cut on his arm.
  2. hole
  3. 2a hole or an opening in something, made with something sharp Using sharp scissors, make a small cut in the material.
  4. reduction
  5. 3cut (in something) a reduction in amount, size, supply, etc. price/tax/job cuts They had to take a 20 percent cut in pay. They announced cuts in public spending. see also shortcut
  6. of hair
  7. 4[usually singular] an act of cutting someone's hair; the style in which it is cut Your hair could use a cut (= it is too long). a cut and blow-dry see also buzz cut
  8. of clothing
  9. 5[usually singular] the shape and style that a piece of clothing has because of the way the cloth is cut the elegant cut of her dress trousers with a loose cut designed for comfortable wear
  10. share of money
  11. 6a share in something, especially money They were rewarded with a cut of 5 percent from the profits.
  12. of movie/play, etc.
  13. 7cut (in something) an act of removing part of a movie, play, piece of writing, etc. The director objected to the cuts ordered by the censor. She made some cuts before handing over the finished novel.
  14. meat
  15. 8a piece of meat cut from an animal a lean cut of pork cheap cuts of stewing lamb see also cold cuts
  16. Idioms
    a cut above somebody/something
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    better than someone or something His latest novel is a cut above the rest.
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