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  1. 1[countable] demand (for something/that…) a very firm request for something; something that someone needs a demand for higher pay demands that the law on gun ownership should be changed firms attempting to meet/satisfy their customers'demands (= to give them what they are asking for)
  2. 2demands [plural] demand (of something) demand (on somebody) things that someone or something makes you do, especially things that are difficult, make you tired, worried, etc. the demands of children/work Flying makes enormous demands on pilots. She shouldn't always give in to his demands.
  3. 3[uncountable, countable] demand (for something/somebody) the desire or need of customers for goods or services that they want to buy or use to meet the demand for a product There's an increased demand for organic produce these days. Demand is exceeding supply. Topic CollocationsThe Economymanaging the economy handle/run/manage the economy boost investment/spending/employment/growth stimulate demand/the economy/industry cut/reduce investment/spending/borrowing reduce/curb/control/keep down inflation create/fuel growth/demand/a boom/a bubble encourage/foster/promote/stimulate/stifle innovation/competition encourage/work with/compete with the private sector increase/boost/promote U.S./agricultural exports ban/restrict/block cheap/foreign imports the economy grows/expands/shrinks/contracts/slows (down)/recovers/improves/is booming enjoy an economic/housing/property boomeconomic problems push up/drive up prices/costs/inflation damage/hurt/destroy industry/the economy cause/lead to/go into/avoid/escape recession experience/suffer a recession/downturn fight/combat inflation/deflation/unemployment cause/create inflation/poverty/unemployment create/burst a housing/stock market bubble cause/trigger a stock market crash/the collapse of the banking system face/be plunged into a financial/an economic crisis be caught in/experience cycles of boom and bustpublic finance cut/reduce/slash/increase/double the defense/education budget increase/boost/slash/cut public spending increase/raise/cut/lower/reduce taxes raise/cut/lower/reduce interest rates ease/loosen/tighten monetary policy balance the (state/federal) budget achieve/maintain a balanced budget run a ($4 trillion) budget deficit/surplus ⇨ more collocations at politics, voting
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    by popular demand
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    because a lot of people have asked for something By popular demand, the play will run for another week.
    wanted by a lot of people Good nurses are always in demand. done or happening whenever someone asks Feed the baby on demand. on-demand printing of books
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