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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they deny
    he / she / it denies
    past simple denied
    -ing form denying
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  1. 1to say that something is not true deny something to deny a claim/a charge/an accusation to flatly/categorically/vehemently deny (= deny strongly) the rumors The spokesman refused either to confirm or deny the reports. deny (that)… She denied (that) there had been any cover-up. There's no denying(the fact)that quicker action could have saved them. it is denied that… It can't be denied that we need to devote more resources to this problem. deny doing something He denies attempting to murder his wife.
  2. 2deny something to refuse to admit or accept something She denied all knowledge of the incident. The department denies responsibility for what occurred.
  3. 3(formal) to refuse to allow someone to have something that they want or ask for deny somebody something They were denied access to the information. deny something to somebody Access to the information was denied to them.
  4. 4deny yourself (something) (formal) to refuse to let yourself have something that you would like to have, especially for moral or religious reasons
  5. Word Familydeny verbdenial nounundeniable adjectiveundeniably adverbdeny verbdenial nounundeniable adjectiveundeniably adverb
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