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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they detest
    he / she / it detests
    past simple detested
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  1. 1(not used in the progressive tenses) detest somebody/something detest doing something to hate someone or something very much synonym loathe
  2. 2 They detested each other on sight. Thesaurushatedislike can't stand despise can't bear loathe detestThese words all mean to have a strong feeling of dislike for someone or something.hate to have a strong feeling of dislike for someone or something Although hate is generally a very strong verb, it is also commonly used in spoken or informal English to talk about people or things that you dislike in a less important way, for example a particular type of food:He hates violence in any form. I've always hated cabbage.dislike (somewhat formal) to not like someone or something Dislike is a somewhat formal word; it is less formal, and more usual, to say that you don't like someone or something, especially in spoken English:I don't like it when you call me so late at night.can't stand (somewhat informal) used to emphasize that you really do not like someone or something:I can't stand his brother. She couldn't stand to be kept waiting.despise to dislike and have no respect for someone or something:He despised himself for being so cowardly.can't bear used to say that you dislike something so much that you cannot accept or deal with it:I can't bear the thought of being without you.can't stand or can't bear?In many cases you can use either expression, but can't bear is stronger and more formal than can't stand.loathe (formal) to hate someone or something very much:They loathe each other. Loathe is generally an even stronger verb than hate, but it can also be used more informally to say that you “really don't like” something:I loathe country music.detest (somewhat formal) to hate someone or something very much:They absolutely detest each other.Patterns I hate/dislike/can't stand/can't bear/loathe/detest doing something I hate/can't stand to do something I hate/dislike/can't stand/can't bear it when… I really hate/dislike/can't stand/despise/can't bear/detest somebody/something I absolutely hate/can't stand/loathe/detest somebody/something
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noun [uncountable]
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