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    (dimmer, dimmest)
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  1. 1not bright the dim glow of the fire in the grate This light is too dim to read by.
  2. place
  3. 2where you cannot see well because there is not much light a dim room/street
  4. shape
  5. 3that you cannot see well because there is not much light the dim outline of a house in the moonlight I could see a dim shape in the doorway.
  6. eyes
  7. 4not able to see well His eyesight is getting dim.
  8. memories
  9. 5that you cannot remember or imagine clearly synonym vague dim memories She had a dim recollection of meeting him. (humorous) in the dim and distant past
  10. person
  11. 6(informal) not intelligent He's very dim.
  12. situation
  13. 7not giving any reason to have hope; not good Her future career prospects look dim.
    noun [uncountable] It took a while for his eyes to adjust to the dimness. see also dimly
  15. Idioms
    take a dim view of somebody/something
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    to disapprove of someone or something; to not have a good opinion of someone or something She took a dim view of my suggestion.
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