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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they discover
    he / she / it discovers
    past simple discovered
    -ing form discovering
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  1. 1discover something to be the first person to become aware that a particular place or thing exists Cook is credited with discovering Hawaii. Scientists around the world are working to discover a cure for AIDS.
  2. 2to find someone or something that was hidden or that you did not expect to find discover somebody/something Police discovered a large stash of drugs while searching the house. We discovered this beach while we were sailing around the island. discover somebody/something doing something He was discovered hiding in a shed. discover somebody/something + adj. She was discovered dead at her home in Portland.
  3. 3to find out about something; to find some information about something discover something I've just discovered hang gliding! discover (that)… It was a shock to discover (that) he couldn't read. discover why, how, etc… We never did discover why she gave up her job. it is discovered that… It was later discovered that the diaries were a fraud. somebody/something is discovered to be/have… He was later discovered to be seriously ill.
  4. 4[often passive] discover somebody to be the first person to realize that someone is very good at singing, acting, etc. and help them to become successful and famous The singer was discovered while still in school.
noun the discoverer of penicillin I was the lucky discoverer of a very valuable painting.
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