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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they dismiss
    he / she / it dismisses
    past simple dismissed
    -ing form dismissing
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  1. 1to decide that someone or something is not important and not worth thinking or talking about synonym wave somethingaside/away dismiss somebody/something I think we can safely dismiss their objections. dismiss somebody/something as something Vegetarians are no longer dismissed as eccentrics. He dismissed the opinion polls as worthless. The suggestion should not be dismissed out of hand (= without thinking about it).
  2. 2to put thoughts or feelings out of your mind dismiss something Dismissing her fears, she climbed higher. dismiss somebody/something from something He dismissed her from his mind.
  3. 3dismiss somebody (from something) (formal) to officially remove someone from their job synonym fire She claims she was unfairly dismissed from her post.
  4. 4dismiss somebody to send someone away or allow them to leave At 12 o'clock the class was dismissed.
  5. 5dismiss something (law) to say that a trial or legal case should not continue, usually because there is not enough evidence The case was dismissed.
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