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    jump into water
  1. 1a jump into deep water with your head first and your arms in front of you a spectacular high dive (= from high above the water)
  2. underwater
  3. 2an act of going underwater and swimming there with special equipment a dive to a depth of 120 feet
  4. of birds/aircraft
  5. 3an act of suddenly flying downward
  6. bar/club
  7. 4(informal) a bar, music club, etc. that is cheap, and perhaps dark or dirty The band played in every smoky dive in town.
  8. fall
  9. 5(in soccer, field hockey, etc.) a deliberate fall that a player makes when someone tackles them, so that the referee awards a foul His dive won a penalty.
  10. Idioms
    make a dive (for something)
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    to suddenly move or jump forward to do something or reach someone or something The goalkeeper made a dive for the ball. Paul made a dive for the fridge to get a drink.
    take a dive (informal)
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    to suddenly get worse Profits really took a dive last year.
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