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  1. 1a small round mark, especially one that is printed There are dots above the letters i and j. Text and graphics are printed at 300 dots per inch. The helicopters appeared as two black dots on the horizon. The island is a small green dot on the map. synonyms at patch
  2. 2(computing) a symbol like a period used to separate parts of a domain name, a URL or an e-mail address
  3. Thesauruspatchdot mark spotThese are all words for a small part on a surface that is a different color from the rest.patch an area of something, especially one which is different from the area around it:a white dog with a black patch around its eye patches of dense fogdot a small round mark on something, especially one that is printed:The letters “i” and “j” have dots over them. The island is a small green dot on the map. Periods and decimal points are often referred to as “dots,” especially when talking about computers:The file is called “my essay dot doc.” The IP address is “192 dot 168 dot zero dot zero.”mark a noticeable area of color on the body of a person or an animal:The horse had a white mark on his a small round area that is a different color or feels different from the surface it is on:Which one has spots—a leopard or a tiger?Patterns a patch/dot/mark/spot on something with patches/dots/marks/spots a blue/black/red, etc. patch/dot/mark/spotIdioms
    on the dot (informal)
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    exactly on time or at the exact time mentioned The taxi showed up on the dot. Breakfast is served at 8 on the dot. Please tell him I'll call him on the dot of twelve.
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